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Eight superimposed, highlighting the advantages of the two brands
Published :2015-6-11 17:49:52

2013, with the rapid development of LED lighting industry, an increasingly competitive industry, the lighting industry brand and capital operation era is upon us, coupled with a plurality of LED industrial chain links are different degrees of overcapacity,Lighting industry such as NVC, BDO Runda, Saman, Everlight, dry according to other companies have alliances or mergers and acquisitions, to hold together the new period of development, in order to integrate their superior resources to promote research and development of advanced technologies to enhance market share and competitiveness. Tsinghua Tongfang situation, the successful acquisition of Neo-Neon.After the integration and restructuring of two listed companies was born the same side lighting industry group, the group can inherit the good genes of two listed companies, and to form their own powerful advantage, let us work together to each of

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