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Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd.’s acquisition and restructuring with Neo-Neon Holding Limited
Published :2015-6-25 14:47:59
Neo-Neon is to issue 1 billion new shares to Tsinghua Tongfang via its wholly-owned oversea subsidiary corporation – THTF Energy-Saving Holding Limited at HK$0.90 per share, representing a 50% discount to the company's last closing price. A group of investors led by Tsinghua Tongfang Co. Ltd. has acquired a 52.28% stake in Hong Kong-listed LED lighting manufacturer Neo-Neon Holdings for a total of HK$900 million ($116 million), according to a regulatory filing. After the deal, Tsinghua Tongfang will hold 51.56% of Neo-Neon. Plus, make a general tender offer to the current Neo-Neon shareholders.
The company Chinese name changes into “同方友友控股有限公司” and the English name remained unchanged as the same title “Neo-Neon Holdings Limited.”  The company Chinese stock name renamed from “真明丽” to “同方友友” to trade in the stock exchange and go into effect at 9:00 a.m. on Feb 5, 2015. The company English stock name remained unchanged as the same title “NEO-NEON” and stock code is “01868” and the company website as usual. 
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